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Telephonic Interviews: The winning formula

Nowadays, telephonic interviews are being used to recruit interns or at least as the first round of the selection process. This interview sets up the base to what the interviewer would be expecting from you.



Oh, no! Take no pressure. We’re here to help you ace your telephonic interview.


While waiting for the call:-

  • Rehearse a professional greeting and thank you note before the call.
  • If you are sleeping or busy, don’t pick up the call. Call them back later.
  • Never ask the interviewer to ‘call you back’. If you are free enough to pick up the call, might as well take the interview. If you are travelling, politely tell them that you will call back once you reach a quiet place.
  • Reiterate important points and follow-up procedures.
  • Thank the employer for calling you after the call through an email.


Control your environment

  • Prepare your roommate/family, anyone who might answer your phone in case of your unavailability about the telephonic interview a few weeks ahead. Make sure to tell them to take down their number and tell them you will call them back.
  • Be in a quiet environment. Avoid public places. Avoid having people talking in the room, it will create disturbance in the call.
  • Place your pets, if any, in a separate room to ensure noise-free conversation.


Establish a few prerequisites:-

  • Who will contact whom? You or the employer?
  • How long will the interview be?
  • What is the purpose of the interview? This will determine the type of questions you will be asked.
  • What time will the interview be?
  • Who will take the interview? Know about their position and role in the company.
  • Choose a place you won’t be interrupted during the call.
  • Review your documents and keep them ready in the form of soft copy as well as hard copy.



A few pointers to keep in mind:-

  1. Do not eat or drink during the interview.
  2. Be ready 15 mins in advance. Go the washroom ahead of time.
  3. Keep your phone charged. Switch on call waiting just in case.
  4. Keep a copy of your resume ready in front of you for reference.
  5. Silence between talks is not bad. Sometimes, the interviewer could be referring to the documents or making notes. Just be patient to hear from them.
  6. In case you don’t get something they say, politely say sorry and ask them to repeat.
  7. Lastly, thank them for the call and send a follow-up mail asking them about the decision.


You’re all set for the interview now. Don’t stress too much. You’ll be great. Good luck.


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