How it works

Perspectico AI offers you a platform where you can not only look for jobs but also get yourself assessed in respect to your dream job and then get trained so as to fill that job role perfectly.

  • Make your profile
  • Get assessed
  • Look for jobs

Get Scored On Industry Parameters

We present the unique opportunity to train yourself for free in accordance with the skills that are required by the respective industry of your choice by continuously assessing you in relation to five general parameters.

  • PThe combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character.
  • TTo measure the individual's knowledge of certain required technical domains.
  • AAptitude reflects on the individual's intelligence abilities
  • PThe individuals can portray their profile through a number of ways.
  • SVarious Business Skill are also measure and then further inculcated.

Product Features

Keep track of your jobs

We offer you your own personal planner through which you can constantly look for better opportunities and keep track of it all.

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Know where you stand

Our accurate assessments enable the students to have the correct idea of their position regarding any particular opportunity and can know that according to their particular position how likely it is for them to get the job even before applying.

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Relevant preparation to improve your score

After thorough assessments, our recommendation engine also recommends online courses and videos that have the immense potential to help the students improve themselves infinitely and routinely while sitting at home only.

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Get noticed by external recruiters

When students perform excellently and prove themselves, external recruiters get the option of directly inviting such students for recruitment.

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