How it works

Perspectico AI hugely reduces the time, energy and money spent in assessing and filtering candidates amidst multitudes of options.

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Product Features

One Place to source all applications

For the first time, recruiters’ have the option of sourcing candidates from all the colleges and online platforms, to be able to see and assess and then go for the absolute best.

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Access to colleges at a click

Recruiters’ can access and manage applications from different colleges all together and can even choose any specific college of their choice from all over the country.

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Scored and Curated candidates

We offer each recruiter a list of candidates who have been scored and curated according to the levels of all five parameters that have been set by the recruiter in relation to the demands of each specific job role.

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Drill down to what you want to assess

Recruiters’ have the liberty to set levels of difficulty and competencies in relevance with what the particular job role demands.

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AI based, adaptive and interpretive scoring

By establishing a starting point on a quadrant measuring certain parameters that are required for assessing any individual, we map out a trajectory of the individual’s path towards learning and upskilling. Where an individual lands on this quadrant shows the individual’s exact skillset on paper. What’s more revolutionary in this method is the analysis which tells how greatly the individual differs in reality than what’s been propagated on the paper. That analysis enables us to provide adaptive assessments for different individuals.

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