How it works

By creating the standard profiles of every student and then placing them on a multidimensional plane where they are assessed on certain parameters, we offer the colleges a way of figuring out and ranking the potential for each of their students and then match it with the requirements of the recruiters.

  • Get requests from recruiter
  • Send jobs to students
  • Manage data and improve

Product Features

Easy Data Management

Through our portal, the institution can manage the data and information of it’s students in a much more tidy, systematic, organized manner.

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Seamless Categorizations

Colleges can categorize students’ data with relevant categories on the basis of course, year, stream, section etc., and then use that information for all purposes.

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Invite External Recuriters

Colleges have the option of approaching even those brands and companies that are not already visiting campuses for recruitment but are in partnership with Perspectico AI.

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Placement Analytics and Report Generation

Colleges have the liberty to analyze the results achieved through our system at every step and foresee the procedures at all steps, as well as make reports based on different aspects.

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