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Interviews can be nerve-racking, especially for a student right out of high school with absolutely no idea about what to expect.

But here’s the good news- all the other candidates are first timers as well, just like you! Just a little bit effort and confidence can help you outshine them and secure a seat in your dream college, and these 8 tips will tell you just how to do that!



  • Beat the Clock to Beat Your Nerves!



The last thing you want on the day of your interview is to get lost or even worse have your armpits get sweaty and build yourself into a frenzied ball of anxious nerves!


Aim to be at least 15-20 minutes early.


When you arrive at the interview site, allow yourself plenty of time to sit, gather your thoughts, breathe and centre yourself.



  • Dress to Impress


Pick an outfit that says casual and fun, but is intellectual and smart at the same time. If you have gotten this far into the selection process then it is imperative to know how to study.

So invest a little time and study little the psychology of appearances and first impressions and choose your best look for the occasion.



  • Strike a Preparatory Pose!



Play your favorite pump up songs loud and do as many Power Poses as you can! Multiple studies have declared that Poser Poses are really a magic recipe to make you feel confident and less stressed almost instantly.


Doing a simple 2 minute power pose right before the interview will get your mind focused and confidence pumping.


The physical cues directly impact your hormone levels and body language. The science is simple- if you act like superman you brain starts thinking you are superman.




  • Be YOUnique



You need to paint a unique portrait of who you are to separate yourself from other applicants.  Practice answering the questions in a way that makes you memorable.

A great way to stand out is to show enthusiasm, confidence, energy and passion for the subject.  For example, don’t just say you’re hardworking—explain what has driven you to become as diligent as you are and why you feel it is important.



  • Compose yourself


Have a few stories or experiences segregated about how you overcame an obstacle or capitalized on your strengths.

Make sure you know your academic strengths. You should be able to explain the following –


  • How you recognize your strengths?
  • How you’re currently using them?
  • How you plan to use them in the future?
  • How do you plan on continuing to use your strengths?


For example- if you’re an excellent writer, how have you used your writing skills to excel in school?



  • Think friend, not foe


Don’t think of the interviewers as the people who are trying to keep you out of the university.

Think of them as people who are wanting to get you in. Tell them about yourself not only for the sake of impressing them, but also to help them see the potential in you.



  • Breathe and take your time


If you have no idea how to answer a particular question,  take a few seconds of silence to think. It is definitely better than saying “uhhh” or making an embarrassed face. If you still have no clue what to say, taking a moment of silence shows that you are thinking instead of hesitating.

After establishing that you’ve considered the question, you can openly and confidently say “I don’t know”.

It’s time to get over your fear of looking stupid. If you make a mistake and say something that isn’t immediately met with nods of agreement or approval then that’s OK too.




  • Turn the Tables


Ask your own questions.

A good interview is more than just you sitting in a room rattling off  prepared answers to questions.  It’s also an opportunity for you to learn about the college, its culture and other perks.


You must make sure to have a few thoughtful questions prepared before you interview and find the appropriate time during the interview to ask them. Asking questions shows your interest in the institution and that you truly care about the college application and selection process.


Ideally, it also demonstrates that you’re engaged and have been attentively listening to what the interviewer has been saying throughout the interview.



  • Chill Out


During an interview nobody can tell what’s going on the inside of your head (that is unless you give them visual clues).

So if you don’t fidget and keep you words from shaking, then nobody will know that you are nervous. Quit stressing about the fact that you are stressed!

Anxiety has a way of making the best of us feel like an unqualified loser, and you want to make that error.





You’re this fresh bud, just recently out of school, heading towards the chilled out, coveted college life you’ve always dreamt of! But there’s just this one hurdle blocking your way, the dreaded INTERVIEW.

Clearing the cut-offs, filling up forms and waiting in exhausting queues, you’ve slogged your ass off getting into this college. We’re sure you are stuck filling yourself up with inhibitions about whether you’ll be able to clear the impending interview, or if it’ll all be in vain.


Well calm down, bruh! This article about cracking that scary college interview is all you need to chill your nerves and smash it out there! <link>


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