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It has often been said that the power of your eyes supersedes the power of your ears!  The things you see get ingrained in your brains a lot better than what you supposedly retain after hearing.

That is why you remember your favorite one-liners from the movie you watched months ago better than the physics lesson you took the other morning. (Or maybe, because of a very different, more obvious reason, but nvm…)

What if we told you there was a way you could binge on your favorite movies AND prepare for your career and professional ventures at the same time?

Here’s a list of 6 massively celebrated movies which not only solve our Sunday-plans woes but also subtly inculcate in us a lesson or two for our forthcoming futures:



1) The Devil Wears Prada


ABOUT: With the perfect confluence of professional and empowered women and the glamorous yet taxing fashion industry, TDWP is an all-time classic which traces the life changes Andy, a budding writer, goes through in order to break the mirages the society holds up and realize her true calling.

The Devil Wears Prada never fails to impress, no matter how many times you’ve watched it!

And amidst Priestley’s quips and Andy’s misery, the movie teaches you A LOT.

For starters, it gives you the real taste of what a hardcore corporate career actually entails – Less Praise, More Struggle.

It also shows the importance of a mentor in a career. No matter how rude, testing, intolerant of a Prada-wearing tyrant she might’ve been, but without Miranda’s exasperating challenges, Andy would’ve never realized her true potential!


But most of all, as Andy leaves the lust of fashion, glamour, and ramps to follow her dreams, it triggers us to never forget what we actually want to do in life and give our all into pursuing that one dream!


2) The Intern

ABOUT: This movie showcases an unusual yet vividly amusing story of a 70-year old widower who is appointed as the senior intern at a technically-advanced online fashion website, run by a fairly young workaholic.  Very simply put, it personifies the phrase, “Experience can never get old”.


It teaches you to simply keep moving ON, to never stop learning. To let age be a stepping-stone and not a barrier into the crazy ambit of knowledge!


While Ben’s character tells us that it’s never too late to start all over again, Jule’s character is an excellent representation of the places incessant diligence and devotion to your work can get you!


3) Jerry Maguire

ABOUT: The plot revolves around a sports agent who decides to expose the illegal side of the sports world, only to find himself fired from his own job. Left with just one client, Maguire then struggles to push him forward.


The client eventually earns a position in a renowned team and throughout the emotional twists and turns of the movie, we realize one thing: Everything takes place when it is supposed to.

It teaches us how chasing after things and cursing your luck won’t get you anywhere close to what you want if life has something else (read: better) planned for you! You can’t always get what you WANT, but you might just get what you NEED.

Moreover, Jerry Maguire inspires us to always respect and stay with the people who stick with you throughout life’s upheavals. To never forget the ones who were there for you in your darkest times!



4) Pursuit of Happyness

ABOUT: This heart-warming, beautiful piece of art portrays the life of Chris Gardner, a homeless man who invests his entire life’s savings on an invention he believes will revolutionize the medical world. His gut-wrenching struggle is vividly shown in the movie until he finally scores a full-time job and establishes his multi-million dollar brokerage company, enabling him to finally sustain a promising future for his young son.-


The climax of the movie is where the most prominent learning stems from:

“Discomfort is necessary for growth and we should never flow in the waters of safe comfort zones no matter how good they taste.”


The movie shows us that paramount faith in oneself is the key to success if we wish to seek jobs that link rewards and results. In its simplicity, the movie shouts out to never let your dreams go, no matter how against your wind the odds might be!


5) Coach Carter

ABOUT: Coach Ken Carter takes over the head coaching job for the Oilers basketball team at his old high school Richmond, having played on the team himself, earning unbeaten records. Carter quickly learns that the athletes are rude and disrespectful, and are in need of discipline.

The movie gives us APLENTY lessons on the discipline and devotion required for any and every career path in the field of sports.


Here is what we gather from the movie:

  • Time is a GEM, not all can afford to waste, always respect your teammates and your mentors.
  • Education is ALWAYS necessary even if your career is focused on a non-academic discourse.
  • Finally, even the least of the scores, appraisals, and achievements DO matter.

Coach Carter is an epitome of unity and teamwork and is an amazing teacher of the significance of these two in our careers, irrespective of the profession.


6) The Shawshank Redemption

ABOUT: One of history’s most revered and acclaimed movies, The Shawshank Redemption is the numbing story of Andy Dufresne, a wrongfully convicted felon who takes matters in his own hands to get out of the unjust imprisonment.

The movie, in all its might, is a true tribute to the POWER OF HOPE.

And while there’s just SO (so, so) much you could learn from this movie, following are the key teachings you should take home every time you watch it:

  • Andy can be a true inspiration for all us career enthusiasts. He makes us hope in the worst of conditions and helps us realize the power of wishful thinking!
  • The second important thing in your career building is to have a plan. Andy wanted to be free, and he made a well-defined plan to get there, irrespective of the chances of failures and risks.
  • Third comes execution and the strength to never back down.
  • Then, fourth, befriend the right people for the job as networking is the key to everything.

Always keep in mind that to reach your goals you will have to perform tasks that might not appeal to you but are integral to the goal.

So suck it up and move on, because that’s what Andy did, eagerly waiting to fulfill his escape plan while performing all the tasks in prison with a full heart at all times, just to bathe himself with the light at the end of the tunnel.



Doesn’t it feel refreshing to know that your idea of recreation can later serve as the inspiration you need to move forward in your career?

Also, the fact that you can justify movie-marathon to your parents as the time you are seeking career advice is a lot more appealing than them giving you a hard time about watching movies, no?

So what’s keeping you back? Take out your eye-straining gadgets and let the binge-watching season BEGGGIN!



  1. Which movie will you watch if it’s your last day on the planet? TPH/JM
  2. Which Andy do you relate more to? TDWP/TSR
  3. Which movie does this remind you of?  “Experience can never get old”. The Intern/Coach Carter



  1. TPH for getting as inspired into working hard as you possibly can be or JM for giving yourself a reality check on how everything happens in its own pace?
  2. Andy, the hustler who learns more and more every passing day from TDWP or Andy, the highly organized and intelligent man who reaches out for justice if it doesn’t come to him.
  3. The Intern.
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