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Furniture Design

Ever since the stone age, man has evolved over the period of time but there hasn’t been a time when they didn’t need furniture.

Sleeping on leaves, stones, trees of certain shapes for comfort is all about furniture design back then. This field has also evolved with time and has now become a combination of three parameters- comfort, style, and space.

It has become a great source of earning for the people who work in alliance with interior designers.

Designing furniture in a way that pleases the client and is also most economic are a few of the many tasks of a furniture designer.

To be a furniture designer, one can simply get a Bachelor’s/ Master’s degree in wooden furniture design or interior design.

These are a few furniture design colleges. Explore these links to know more about their courses.

National Institute of Design


MIT Institute of Design


You can also opt for a one-year certificate course in Arch College of Design and Business.

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