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Career of the week- Lawyers


“In this world full of competition and disputes you either need a lawyer or you are one.”


Well, prestigious career holds up to everyone’s expectations, especially in the Indian context. It not only gives you a chance to earn good money. (way more than what people in India earn on an average)

It also puts your brains to work. (which isn’t actually required for most of the career options nowadays) It is a great combination of critical, analytical and practical situations which keeps your work exciting.

It also requires a lot of dedication and efforts from the students, which also includes learning the constitution; longest in the world.

The play of words, the poker face smash, the argumentation, the documentation, everything about law gives you a chance to see growth within yourself.

If you too are an all-rounder and want to give Law a shot, you can either join a law school before graduation or afterward.

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