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If you are done scrolling through drab websites talking about giving you a better start at your career, then you’ve finally landed at the right place.

Let’s dump the monotony and learn from our favourite fictional characters, instead of yawning through the same old complicated motivational quotes.



And while we’re at it, there is NO better character than Sherlock to teach us a few life lessons about killing it at work!

Here you go with 7 of them:


#1 Give Your 100% to the Task at Hand


If you’ve watched even one episode from the Sherlock series, you sure are no guest to this man’s meticulous personality.


It’s no news how Sherlock Holmes would tread Heaven and Hell just to catch the tiniest piece of evidence while solving a mystery! His precision is absolutely non-negotiable.


Put all of you into all you do! Consistency is of utmost importance, even the slightest of distractions can harm your work. If you do the first step right then the second one is bound to follow.


Ever seen Sherlock in the mood for a movie during work? Take the cue.



#2 Always Welcome Challenges


What is life without complications and challenges? They are extremely important to maintain a balance. It can’t be all rainbows and unicorns or how would Sherlock exist at all?


Throughout the series, there hasn’t been one time where sherlock turned away from confronting a challenge. Be it Moriarty’s heinous tricks or his own sister’s masterplan to flail him, not once did Holmes give into the complexity of the situation! And neither should you.


Break a leg! Take life’s shooting lemons chin-up, and be willing to overcome whatever is thrown your way.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”


#3 Maintain a Calm Composure Even Under Pressure


There’s probably innumerable (and extremely dangerous) unexpected situations that Sherlock has to face when working on a case. But have you ever seen him throw a fit and seize to the surmounting pressure? Ofcourse not.


No matter how screwed up the scenario might be, Holmes has always found the solution to the problem in the vicinity of a calm and composed mind.



(Honestly, the hottest thing about Holmes is the straight face that he maintains throughout, never panicking or stressing, but nvm..)


It sure comes from having confidence in oneself or at-least showing that you do because that way half the battle’s already won!


#4 Pay Attention To Details (even the minutest ones)


‘’I have no data yet. It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.’’ – Sherlock Holmes


His mastermind would have been superfluous to the solving of a case had Sherlock not paid the utmost heed to the pettiest of all contents in the mystery. Not one grain of sand went unnoticed under Sherlock’s surveillance!


You are probably thinking that it’s the job of the detective to look into details but it’s same for a writer, engineer, designer, mechanic, clerk and whatever it is that you are.


Giving your tasks the kind and magnitude of attention they need will not only help you reach the point of completion faster but will also increase the efficiency of your work in multitudes!


#5 Aim At Having An All-Round Personality and Knowledge


From Science to Literature, to complicated Mathematics and even the Law, Sherlock’s ambit of knowledge had literally no bounds!

And each one of these came handy some time or the other in the achievement of a solved case!


No matter what you do or where you work it’s crucial to have some general knowledge, knowledge that exceeds your area of expertise but is helpful every now and then.


Who better than Sherlock to set an example for this one?


#6 Do Not Let Haters Pull You Down


Moriarty could only dream of affecting Sherlock and even if he did enjoy a slight victory, it was nothing but temporary.

He basically came back from the grave to daunt Sherlock with the masterplan he devised with the Holmes Jr., but Sherlock didn’t back down!


In the long run only the ones who grow beyond haters and enemies are the ones who triumph (even if the enemies are as clever as Moriarty).

You have the ability to ward off people who don’t appreciate your hard work and look down upon your progress. Never let them get to you, moving ahead will become so much easier of a task!



#7 Make Passion Your Stimulator


Sherlock was a drug addict. The consumption of cocaine had become a necessity for him to barely function, until he had a case on his hands.


His work and his passion for it worked better than any rehab centre would’ve.


The point here is symbolic of Sherlock’s love for what his profession was! Calculating and solving crimes was the solution to his addiction to heavy intoxication. He made his work his remedy!


In simpler words, your passion and the fire inside you are drugs enough to deal with any kind of distress (and maybe that is something even Sherlock could learn from you).

You have it inside of you take on the problems and complexities you face and turn them around to your very own benefit!


Well that’s it from our side!

We’re sure your mind’s retracing the last time you binge-watched the show. So go on, and get the Holmes-marathon rolling!



  1. Why do you think Moriarty couldn’t defeat Sherlock? Haters-Gonna-Hate Attitude/Attention to Detail
  2. What makes Sherlock an amazing detective? Dedication to his Work/The Love for Challenges
  3. Which Holmes brother are you? Sherlock/Mycroft


  1. In the long run only the ones who grow beyond haters and enemies are the ones who triumph (even if the enemies are as clever as Moriarty). His mastermind would have been useless to the solving of a case had Sherlock not paid the utmost heed to the pettiest of all contents in the mystery.  
  2. As a detective, he was utterly devoted to the case he had at hand, at all times! Be it Moriarty’s conniving riddles or the masterplan Eurus plotted, Sherlock never shied away from a daunting challenge!
  3. Sherlock, if you are the hustler; always on the move and extremely straightforward about your opinions. Mycroft, if you are the calm and composed, diplomatic genius who knows his way around people.

If you chose Sherlock, you’re in for a fab surprise! Find out what your idol can teach you to smash at workplace!


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