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You’re either advancing towards or already at a stage in your life where taking one wrong decision could totally screw up the career you wish to curate for yourself!

And although it’s comforting to know that all your similarly-aged friends and acquaintances (aka peers) are going through pretty much the same career-related inhibitions and calculations, succumbing to the perspective these peers hold instead of solidifying your own, personal objectives can modify your prospective career for all the wrong reasons!

“If you walk in the footprints of others, you won’t make any of your own.”

Peer Pressure is hands-down something people have to confront throughout their lives. It’s imperative that you understand how important are the decisions you make right now for your future, and also how bruising the repercussions of giving into peer pressure might be.

Well, fret not!

Here’s a list of FIVE ways to avoid falling into this pit and ensuring you build the career YOU aspire to build:



  • Clarity of Thought



A clear and defined perspective on what your professional goals are in life and how you wish to achieve them will take you a long way in combating peer pressure!


When you know where you’re headed, overcoming the obstacles in your path becomes a much easier task to pursue. With just a bit of research and faith in your abilities, you can smoothly chalk out a plan for attaining the future you dream of!


People will always have things to say, comments to pass and unnecessary advice to give. While sometimes it all might work in your favour, it still has the significant capacity to keep you from realizing your best potential.


So figure out your road to success and avoid succumbing to others’ opinion of a “good career”.



  • Choose Your Own ‘Circle of Competence’



According to Warren Buffet, “a circle of competence is the subject area which matches a person’s skills or expertise”.


The model might have been used by Buffet in financial investments but gives extraordinary results when applied in real life! If we define our own circle of competence we make sure that we will deliver the best results, we develop a positive framework and also a sense of confidence within.


In today’s world, we have wider range of options than ever before.By focusing our efforts on producing quality over quantity, our work may begin to matter more.



  • Gather Information



Don’t make up your mind according to what you are listening other people shout or whisper.

Instead, be the master of your own words!


Make sure that you are vigilant and rational while confronting the vast domain of information. Try to figure out things on your own.  Don’t rely on hearsay for a solution to your career woes. Research and research about the domains that interest you and gradually narrow down a vast range of choices to the perfect and most suitable career for yourself!


“Compile figures with facts, information with sayings.”


This would provide you clarity of thought, inside and out. Try to build up a perspective that belongs solely to you, and hence “don’t mimic, utter your own”.



  • Reach Out



Be inquisitive and reach out to as many people as you can who took the same career decisions you wish to take! When you’re assured of a stable career by an industry professional, even the tiniest bit of peer pressure won’t be able to faze you!


Don’t fear rejection or being stumped and don’t feel shy, ask whatever comes to your mind. Be a little more curious about things than you have ever been!


Have a fertile mind – one that is capable of sustaining, supporting, growing and developing.


Try using LinkedIn and networking events to get in touch with professionals who are excelling in the fields you wish to graze. Try connecting with veterans and industry experts via personal contacts and helpful websites such as PERSPECTICO.


You have no idea how much insights and knowledge you can acquire with this, while expanding your professional network one experienced person at a time!



  • Kick-up the comfort



Don’t keep procrastinating the career decisions you need to take RIGHT NOW. The sooner, the better. Instead of curling up in the comfort of the years you’re still left with before you advance into the corporate arena, get out there and start planning your future as soon as possible!

We all get stuck up to our comfort zones while we ignore the fact that the bigger level of comfort zone is just one hurdle away. Step out of your comfort zones, face your fears and live up to your dreams. Don’t fear to follow your dreams or to take up a path which is not followed by many.

Once you step out of these protective barriers of oblivion you surround yourself with, better sense will prevail, allowing you to gain immense clarity of thought and thus fight peer pressure!

Peer influence doesn’t have to be negative if you take the right approach towards it. The difference lies in your judgement of the right and the wrong. Avoid losing your own individuality while trying to fit in with others.


Look for the pros and cons in every situation before you go on a blind ride with your friends. Reaffirm your self-worth and have enough confidence in your own ability to take the right career decision that others’ points of view don’t debilitate yours.


Always keep the ears open to suggestions, but don’t let the latter manipulate you into pursuing something you weren’t built for. Have more faith in yourself than in second-hand perspective(s).


Hold you own ground. Avoid losing your own individuality while trying to fit in with others!



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