Finance Module – Perspectico


Essential: 12th pass with minimum 75% marks, Pursuing / Completed Graduation or equivalent
Desirable: Basic knowledge of finance, economics and statistics, 2nd and 3rd years preferred


This is a broad introduction regarding finance careers

1. How to best benefit from this module and what to expect
2. Awareness of finance careers – Learn about different types of finance careers
3. Structure of an interview – HR Round, technical round, case study, stress interview,
puzzle round
4. How to start preparing – Resources, books, finance blogs
5. What are companies looking for in a candidate – finding a match
6. What to expect from this module
7. Start applying – make your resume, how to reach out to companies
8. Grooming – how to dress for an interview, body language
9. How to network


This part will clear the basic concepts for students

1. Basic Awareness – General awareness regarding the jobs market; how to find what you
are looking for
2. Financial Accounting – Basics of financial accounting and financial awareness
3. Key Financial terms for a fresher – FCFE vs. FCFF; Enterprise Value vs. Equity Value;
Market Cap; Shares Outstanding; Long Term vs. Short Term debt; Securitization
4. Valuation Basics – Discounted Cash Flow; Multiples; Weighted Average Cost of Capital;
Capital Asset Pricing Model; Beta; Leverage Concepts
5. Other Key Concepts – Ratings; Interest Rates; Correlation in Stocks; Bond Covenants
and Indenture; Creating a debt profile

Starting your interview prep

This part will tell students how to start preparing for an interview

1. Reading brokers reports – This tell students how the market looks at and analyses various
2. Making and applying Assumptions –Assumptions is the cornerstone of valuations
3. Making a company profile – All investment bankers are required to make company
profiles in their first 2 years
4. How to use Databases – Learn about databases such as Factset, Bloomberg, merger
market, Cap iq, Thomson one
5. Financial Modelling – Interview tips on financial modelling
6. Structure of an Investment Bank – How are investment banks structured; what are the
various teams constituting an investment bank
7. Concepts such as accretion, dilution, mergers, synergies

Interview Technicals

Here we will cover some important technical concepts often asked in interviews

1. Sector and stock selection – How to choose a sector
2. Sector valuation – What method to use while valuing any sector
3. Overvalues vs. Undervalued stocks
4. Financial Statement Analysis – Develop an understanding of financial ratios
5. Favorite deals


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