Consulting Module – Perspectico



Essential: 12th pass with minimum 75% marks, Pursuing / Completed Graduation or equivalent
Desirable: Basic knowledge of finance, economics and statistics, 2nd and 3rd years preferred


A consultant’s life and traits and why case interviews?

This is a broad introduction regarding Consulting careers

1. Who is a consultant in the real world?
2. Consultant’s job
3. Management vs Technology vs Other
4. Companies in the market
5. Consultant’s traits
6. Progression in the firm
7. What is a case interview?
8. Why case interview?
9. Skills assessed and the other side perspective
10. Typical interview timeline

Prepare to look prepared

This part will take into account the soft skills essential for cracking consulting interview

1. Dress code
2. Manners
3. Things to keep handy
4. Do’s and don’ts
5. Establishing a rapport
6. Communication
7. Before and after the interview

Ground work

This part will tell students how to start preparing for an interview

1. Importance of assumptions
2. Validating assumptions
3. Triangulation
4. Importance of structure
5. Painting the big picture before going into details
6. N approaches to solve a case
7. Data points to keep handy
8. Basics of business
9. P&L, balance sheet and cashflow basics
10. Frameworks and when not to use them
11. Business dictionary
12. Financial and economic trends and analysis
13. Your favorite company and industry
14. Best resources to refer

The Case interview

Here we will cover some important technical concepts often asked in interviews

1. Types of cases
2. Guesstimate prep
3. Business case prep
4. Brainteaser prep
5. Interview rounds
6. The Partner round

Live Interview and feedback

Here we will cover some important technical concepts often asked in interviews

1. Live business case study
2. Case study de-brief
3. Live guesstimate
4. Case study de-brief
5. Q&A
6. Closing comments



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